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1 & 2 Series

Popular Modifications & Retrofits

Power folding mirrors

Tired of having to fold in those mirrors manually? We understand the inconvenience when having to do this, we can retrofit power folding mirrors and enable them to open and close with the key as well. Retrofitting this options starts from £700.

Click on the image to see how they work!

F87 M2 LCI Cluster

We have loads of complaints due to the older style M2 clusters, mainly being the sunlight causing issues with visibility. We offer the LCI M2 clusters, which is a hugely popular upgrade on these models. Price for this retrofit starts from £1000.

F2x LCI 6WA Cluster

March 15, 2018

We supply full cluster retrofits from basic 

pre-lci clusters right through to the LCI black panel 6WA. Retrofits for the cluster start from £650.

If you have any specific requests or retrofit ideas please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Click HERE to visit our universal portfolio for more ideas!