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Dash Demons UK

Welcome to Dash Demons UK

We specialise in instrument cluster repair, whether they are faulty, accident involved vehicles or imported vehicle(s), whatever the reason, we can adjust and re-calibrate your speedometer to the way you need. 

Please note, we DO NOT alter mileage for illegitimate reasons - all corrections will only be done with the relevant paperwork.

Instrument cluster/speedometer repair

Faulty or broken instrument cluster? We can supply, fit and code a secondhand cluster with all the vehicle details, including the Vehicle Identification Numbe​r (VIN) and most importantly, mileage.

We also virginise BMW 6WA & 6WB clusters for retrofitting. We erase the mileage and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) so that the retrofit can be completed fully without the worry of having the red tamper dot. 

Filter removal

The instrument cluster is not the only part of the car that records the mileage. Unfortunately, Filters are put in place to allow the mileage to be changed by breaking the communication between these modules/parts.

This can have negative affects as software updates cannot be performed and having a filter will void main dealer warranty.

We can remove the filter, and have everything working as it should.

Mileage Correction

We understand that sometimes cars can go wrong. However, when changing a car part for a secondhand one, you may be surprised when the mileage has spiked after fitting the replacement.

This is due to certain modules also storing the mileage. For example, Renault's have it stored in the ABS pump, or BMW's have it stored in the CAS module. 

When you have to replace these particular parts then the mileage will select the higher option, which isn't ideal. We can calibrate and adjust the mileage to the correct figures.